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Give your child 24/7 access to video lessons and intelligent revision, for a fraction of the cost of tutoring

  • Big features, bite-sized lessons

    Short lessons, quick quizzes and snappy revision. All designed to boost your child’s confidence and make even the most difficult concepts easy to master. Meaning minimal boredom, maximum retention for their screen time.

  • The secret to top marks

    Backed by senior teachers, our curriculum-specific content is geared towards getting your child the best grades possible. How? We focus on marking criteria in assessments and exams, so they’ll know when they’re ready.

  • Insights in action

    Jump into analytics that adapt in real-time. You’ll see usage statistics (so you know you’re getting your money’s worth) and your child can see how they’re progressing, or spot any areas where they need extra support.

Atomi helped me by clearing up any concepts I might not have understood in class and it’s really good for practising questions.

Alan Gariban

Student, State-ranked 1st in Maths

Loved by thousands of teachers and students

Atomi’s videos and quizzes have given students the confidence to be more independent with their learning. They enjoy watching the Atomi videos as part of their learning and revision.

Anne Holden

Principal, Trangie Central School

Atomi helped me by providing clear and concise videos for each of the syllabus dot-points, which helped me write really precise notes. So my best advice for other students is to stay organised, don’t procrastinate and use Atomi!

Lucy Stevenson

Student, State-ranked 1st in PE

One student did not think she was good enough to succeed in Biology. When she started using Atomi, she immediately experienced significant growth. She is now more confident with the subject and enjoys being a part of the class.

Jake Webster

Deputy Learning Leader Science, Emmaus Catholic College

Why Atomi is #1

  • Intelligence, powered by AI

    Your child will complete interactive quizzes that adapt in real-time to power intelligent revision recommendations.

  • Today’s research for the future of education

    Every lesson uses the latest research in pedagogy and neuroscience to maximise your child’s engagement.

  • Part of the family

    We work alongside teachers, and the classwork they set, for holistic learning that truly helps kids.

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