Our mission is simple.

Make education

Millions of lessons delivered to hundreds of thousands of students and counting!

Atomi began with just a few 'how to' math videos. It turned out that students and teachers really enjoyed their simple, fun and practical style, so it quickly grew into thousands of lessons in everything from sonnets to the solar system. We now deliver millions of lessons each year to students around the world, helping to extend learning beyond the classroom and empowering students and teachers to work better together.

  • 192+

    Courses created

  • 250,000+

    Minutes of content

  • 150,000+

    Students learning

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    Schools reached

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Meet the team of designers, engineers, managers and customer fanatics that make all of this possible.

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Meet the team of experienced teachers and award winning educators that ensure Atomi lessons are always on point.

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Ever met that person that's the life of the party, but also secretly got like a million percent in all their exams? We've found them.