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The story of the Atom

By Tom O'Donahoo on 15 September 2016ProductUKstaffroomNSWstaffroomNSWblogUKblog

From how the notes on a page combine to form a symphony, to the electrochemistry in our brain that makes up our very thoughts, the world we live in is filled with complexity.

But, long before they’d ever been observed in science, the Ancient Greek philosophers theorised about how complex things could be broken down again and again until you reached their most fundamental parts. They called these building blocks atoms, which comes from the Greek word for indivisible.

Although the atomic theory was later proved by science and forms the basis of our understanding of the physical world today, back then they applied this theory to both the physical world and people or ideas. They thought that if you kept splitting a concept into smaller and smaller pieces you’d eventually get to the core elements that really makes it up.

In many ways that’s exactly what we do with learning here. We deconstruct ideas and concepts into their most simple and fundamental building blocks, and then we help you piece them together to construct increasingly complex ideas.

We create atoms of knowledge.

The power of this is just like in nature, it’s our understanding of the fundamental atom that allows us to comprehend everything from how the smallest grain of sand is formed to how the largest galaxies move through space billions of lightyears away.

By using these atoms of knowledge we can build insights, analysis, and understanding.

It is for this reason we’ve decided to take on the atom as a core part of our brand and call ourselves Atomi.

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