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Introducing the Academic Review Team

By Robert Barakat on 12 June 2017ProductNSWstaffroom

We are proud to announce our brand spanking new Academic Review Team!

Intrigued? We hope so.

See, content is at the core of what we do at Atomi and we dedicate a huge amount of our time and effort to creating the best possible videos for students and schools. In chasing that goal, we are never going to be held hostage to a certain way of doing things. So whilst we acknowledge that our young, relatable presenters create incredible value, in the same breath we also realise that experienced teachers and leaders in education would offer a wealth of knowledge, experience and perspective.

As a result (drumroll, please), we have created our new Academic Review Team.

What is the Academic Review Team?

It’s essentially an initiative to include HSC teachers, markers, school leaders and directors of curriculum in the creation of our content and ensure each video meets the highest teaching standards possible.

Of course, this isn’t to say that teachers will now run the show, but we have come to realise that the greatest content is created through a collaboration of intelligent people that have a diversity of perspectives. We are going to be one of the first to embrace this collaboration and the Academic Review Team is the first step.

Who will sit on the team?

The Team is a carefully selected group of educational professionals that are leaders in their respective fields and passionate about improving learning. This includes:

  • Current and past HSC markers
  • Senior markers
  • Textbook authors
  • Directors of curriculum
  • Senior leaders in schools such as Deputies and Heads of Department

What is the function of the team?

The Academic Review Team will sit above the content creation team and will be involved in all aspects of the production process. They will offer a new and rigorous level of review and scrutiny to our videos to ensure they are of the highest standard.

Specifically, the team will:

  • Assist in setting the strategic direction and approach to each course in the planning phase.
  • Work closely with the content team to review content to assure accuracy and validity.
  • Have input as to the teaching style and approach in each video.
  • Ensure all videos are taught at the ideal pace and go through the content in the appropriate amount of depth.

What's actually going to change?

On the surface, very little will change.

The Atomi videos will maintain the same style, the same presenters and serve the same purpose as they always have. The inclusion of the Academic Review Team simply means that behind the scenes in our production process our content is being more rigorously reviewed, put under greater scrutiny and given the tick of approval by the best in the business.

The biggest advantage is that now all our school partners and teachers can have confidence in the accuracy of the videos and trust they are incorporating the highest quality resources into their teaching. The greater confidence our school partners have in our content, the more freedom they have to lean on it as a resource to implement innovative and exciting learning approaches from a Flipped Classroom to Self Directed Learning.

Looking forward

The behind the scenes work of the Academic Review Team is already under way and driving new standards for our content with plenty more development to come. This initiative is a big and exciting step for us and we’re looking forward to introducing each member of our Review Team over the next few weeks - stay tuned!

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