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Atomi supporting teachers throughout lockdown

By Tom O'Donahoo on 29 July 2021NSWstaffroomCOVID-19EdTechonline learning

Edit: This article has been updated to reflect recent announcements regarding restrictions in South East Queensland.

To the superheroes on the frontline - teachers,

Following the NSW Government’s recent announcement, all students in NSW will be learning from home until the end of lockdown, with Year 12 students returning to face-to-face learning on August 16. Students in South East Queensland will also be learning from home for the foreseeable future. We know what a challenge this is for students and teachers. Especially in the senior years, continuity of learning is essential, so we’re willing to do what we can to help.

We’re providing free access for all Australian schools to our entire library of curriculum-aligned videos, formative assessment, analytics & resources until the end of Term 3.

In short, you and your students can get access to all of Atomi’s resources including:

  • Syllabus-specific content in an engaging, in-depth video format;
  • Dedicated, tiered formative assessment tools for staff & students;
  • Study skills & academic care courses offering direction on habits & wellbeing.

Here’s a snippet from Biology!

GIF of Atomi's 'DNA Replication' video lesson

Those who’ve jumped onboard are really enjoying the complete support we’re able to give staff and students in the rapid transition to online learning.

So if you’d like access for your staff & students, email us at with your name and school. We’re in this together, and here to help in whatever way we can.

Stay safe,

Tom and Rob, Co-Founders of Atomi

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