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2016 in Review

By Robert Barakat on 29 December 2016ProductNSWstaffroom

It seems customary at this time of year to send well wishes and a ‘look what we achieved this year’ email. Thankfully though, Atomi is no different!

We have a concept at Atomi called ‘lifting your head.’ Put simply, it’s an opportunity for us to step back from our day-to-day routine, take a deep breath and appreciate the big picture of what we’ve accomplished.

So we thought, what’s good for the goose must be good for the gander.

Lifting our head on 2016

Here’s a snapshot of what Atomi achieved this year:

  • Over 1,000,000 website sessions and 10,000,000 web views
  • Over 64,787 hours were spent watching Atomi videos. To put this into perspective Hollywood produces 1,200 hours of content per year. So that’s equivalent to 53 years worth of Hollywood movies!
  • October 25th - over 6,300 videos viewed in a single day. That’s approx. 753 hours of content in 24 hours.
  • Most watched video on the site - Enzymes in Biology with over 4,000 views
  • We added an additional 43 school partners from all Private, Public and Catholic sectors
  • Our most remote school partner is Balranald High School - 853.5km from Atomi HQ
  • We added over 20,074 new members to the Atomi platform
  • Of those, 1,696 were teachers - welcome :)
  • We employed 26 new people in content creation, sales, design and development
  • Hired our first teacher - Sam Disano
  • Released our new Atomi brand and built a whole new web interface
  • Built over 700 new videos
  • Released 10 new subjects
  • Began content production on 2 new continents
  • Embarrassed ourselves at 2 Karaoke nights
  • And moved into 1 shiny new office

But most importantly, we pulled together 40 of the smartest people in the world to help thousands of teachers and students make school easier, more enjoyable and get a little closer to achieving their potential.

Hopefully 2017 is just as crazy!

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