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Atomi and Tooleybuc Central School

By Sam Di Sano on 6 June 2019NSWstaffroomPartner School Stories

Strive to do well. An Atomi partner school story: Tooleybuc Central School.

The challenge

Across both the Senior and Junior campuses of Tooleybuc Central School, there is an emphasis and commitment to active learning strategies that engage students in the classroom, ensuring that they participate in their learning in a truly active way. The school looks to Atomi to assist in their implementation of a more student-centred methodology in the Senior classrooms, seeking more ownership and accountability from students for their learning.


The school saw a great synergy between the usage of Atomi videos and the Crossroads program for Senior students which seeks to develop a sense of independence, empowerment and engagement in their learning. With the support of the Atomi team, content delivery has been facilitated in a differentiated way to engage students in their own learning, maximising their time outside of the classroom, and embedding knowledge and skills.

My students in PE benefit from the clarity and succinct nature of the videos and the opportunity to constantly return to them to deepen their understanding.
Jean Duma, Head Teacher PE


The students at Tooleybuc Central School have found that the more their students engage with the Atomi videos both in and out of the classroom, the better they understand key concepts and skills. As a result, a number of their teachers are providing a more blended teaching and learning environment which mixes their expertise and knowledge with technology-rich, online support through Atomi.

We want to provide an educational experience which gives every student a chance to enhance their learning, and the use of Atomi to assist with content delivery is certainly a step in that direction.
Melanie Watt, Principal

  • School type: Government (K-12)
  • Established: 1916
  • Students: 116
  • Teaching staff: 9

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