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Atomi and Farrer Memorial Agricultural High

By Robert Barakat on 23 August 2017Partner School StoriesNSWstaffroom

Pushing learning to new levels. An Atomi partner school story: Farrer Memorial Agricultural High.

The challenge

As a day and boarding, selective school, the team at Farrer Agricultural Memorial High constantly strive to develop a culture of academic success and promote lifelong learning.

The school was looking for specialised tools that could support students and equip them with the ability to direct their own learning outside of the classroom.

With a broad strategy of providing opportunities to develop each student to their full potential, Farrer began their partnership with Atomi at the end of 2015 with a trial period.


After impressive usage from students and teachers during the trial, Farrer cemented the partnership at the beginning of 2016.

"We were looking for a tool for the students to be able to help themselves and it’s proved to be very successful."
Clint Gallagher, Principal

With the support of the Atomi team, the videos were introduced as part of a wider learning strategy for the school and individuals were given the freedom to integrate the videos in the way that best suited their learning or teaching style.

These strategies include:

  • Using video as a dynamic in-class resource.
  • Teachers allocating videos as revision or pre-work to extend learning opportunities.
  • Students using videos to personalise and improve their learning at home or in the dorms.


The Atomi videos are now being used in class by teachers across the Maths, Science, English and HSIE faculties and are being set as pre-work and revision.

"It’s an excellent revision tool and a really useful resource for the boys when they are struggling with a difficult concept."
Clint Gallagher, Principal

Finding the videos memorable and interactive, the boys have become more engaged in their learning and are equipped to work through difficult concepts in their own time. The videos have been successful in driving higher results for students who were particularly keen to improve.

Importantly, the data from these videos that the students watch out of class has given the teachers and school executives excellent and invaluable insight into their students and their learning habits.

  • School type: Government (5-12)
  • Established: 1939
  • Students: 594
  • Teaching staff: 46

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