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Atomi and Xavier High School Albury

By Sam Di Sano on 9 May 2019Partner School StoriesNSWstaffroom

Preparing students for tomorrow. An Atomi partner school story: Xavier High School.

The challenge

The staff at Xavier High School recognise the impact of technology and rapid changes in society. As a result, they are constantly looking at how to effectively deepen the love of learning among students and provide them with strategies to face the many challenges of their world.

The school’s use of Atomi was brought about in part to assist in the implementation of a more student-centred methodology in the Senior classrooms.


Many staff are already well versed in blended learning strategies and with the support of Atomi, have looked at different methods to effectively deliver content and better engage students in their own learning. The staff are constantly seeking ways to incorporate active learning strategies, including visible thinking strategies and effective note-taking methods, in order to empower students to take control of their learning.

Teachers have also found that the use of the videos in class has improved student understanding and application of skills.
Nicole Morton, Assistant Principal, Learning and Teaching


The teachers have engaged in a whole school improvement plan, and the
implementation of the Atomi videos as a method of content delivery has been an important part of that change process in teaching and learning.

Both staff and students compliment the format and style of the videos and recognise the benefit of their implementation in the blended classroom. The analytics Atomi provides gives them valuable data to use in their strategic improvements in teaching and learning.

"Students love using the Atomi videos to deepen their learning."
Gavin Dykes, Principal

  • School type: Catholic Independent
  • Established: 1868
  • Students: 820
  • Teaching staff: 66

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