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Introducing Tasks 2.0

By Thomas O'Donahoo on 3 August 2020NSWstaffroomUKstaffroomNew featuresProduct

Today we're proud to announce the release of a new version of Atomi Tasks.

In this release, we’ve redesigned tasks from the ground up to make them more flexible, powerful and even easier to use.

You can now create tasks that include multiple Atomi items, such as videos, quizzes, or practice tests.

With the addition of links and attachments, you can now include your own resources in a task, such as documents, weblinks, YouTube videos, presentations or other uploaded files.

We’ve now made it easier to differentiate your instruction with the ability to assign tasks to your entire class, a group, or an individual student.

There are now new ways to create a task, including from the tasks tab, or even by bulk selecting multiple lessons.

We’ve also updated tasks notifications to make them simpler and smarter, automatically reminding students when they have upcoming tasks to complete.

As their teacher, you’ll be kept up to date with how your students are progressing and performing.

Together, these changes will make it easier to create rich, engaging, and more deeply personalised experiences for your students.

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