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Introducing mark book

By Tom O'Donahoo on 2 May 2023NSWstaffroomUKstaffroomProduct

If I were to ask you how your students are performing right now - how would you answer?

Would you have to dig through spreadsheets for assessment data that is months old? Would you have to calculate, collate, or search for data across multiple sources? Would you be forced to give your best guess based on your professional experience and intuition?

The truth is that despite the mammoth effort teachers put in, answering this simple question is often much harder than it should be.

That’s why today we’re releasing mark book, a new continuous reporting tool that makes it easy to understand how your students are performing.

From the new mark book, teachers can:

  • See how each student is progressing through the content
  • View how each student’s marks break down by topic
  • See who’s been completing their assigned tasks

And with the ability to sort, export and assign tasks based on student performance, the mark book not only makes this information accessible but also actionable.

Whether you’re looking to accelerate high performers, understand knowledge gaps, encourage student progress or gain a deeper understanding of how your class is progressing, mark book puts the information teachers need at their fingertips.

If you'd like to learn more about mark book, check out the mark book video and our guide to Getting started with mark book in the Atomi Help Centre.

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