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Atomi and Trinity Catholic College

By Sam Di Sano on 3 October 2019Partner School StoriesNSWstaffroomUKstaffroom

Inspiring students to be hopeful, engaged, resourceful, and disciplined. An Atomi partner school story: Trinity Catholic College.

The challenge

The staff at Trinity Catholic College is committed to increasing their capacity to respond to student needs. Nurturing innovation within the classrooms, and continuing to foster engagement and ultimately growth in areas such as STEM and literacy is central to this initiative.

The school’s implementation of Atomi was undertaken with the goal of giving teachers and students alike the best tools available to nurture and achieve the student-centric objectives of this strategy.


The school first aimed to build familiarity and credibility with the use of Atomi in the classroom. The Atomi platform could then be used to offer Year 12 a previously absent level of variety in terms of content delivery and differentiation, as well as personalised feedback. The final piece of the puzzle was to develop Trinity as a lighthouse school in blended and flipped learning, combining traditional delivery with technology-rich methods to meaningfully impact student learning.

We want our teachers to embrace Atomi as an integral part of classroom teaching and learning.
Daniel Delmage, Principal

trinity catholic college


Trinity have seen their partnership with Atomi already yield dividends, with both staff and students embracing the use of the platform. With more than 110,000 videos watched in the first  12 months, and more than 17,000 subject-specific questions answered, the use of Atomi has—in a relatively short space of time—played a major role in Trinity actualising their goals of implementing blended learning and facilitating innovative, personalised learning for their students.

We have already seen a significant take-up among staff and students in a relatively short period of time.
Peter Logiotatos, Leader of Learning and Curriculum

  • School type: Co-educational Catholic Diocesan (7-12)
  • Established: 1995
  • Students: 1235
  • Teachers: 111

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