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Improve exam performance with revision sessions

By Jimmy Joslin on 11 September 2023UKstaffroomNSWstaffroomProduct updates

With exam time around the corner, we know revision is front and centre.

Finding the right revision resources, marking, providing feedback, keeping track of student engagement and identifying who needs extra support is a huge undertaking.    

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to revision sessions—the new way for teachers to curate purposeful practice for students with Atomi.

Better exam performance

Revision sessions let teachers deliver targeted, curriculum-specific challenges to help boost student confidence. Teachers can help students feel more prepared for high-stakes assessments, all while identifying areas that require extra attention.  

Reduce teacher workload

Save time trawling through revision resources, marking and interpreting student performance. Teachers can now create and assign a revision session to an entire class, or selected students, in just a few clicks.

Cater to different student levels

Access intuitive data and insights to help teachers identify knowledge gaps, making it easier than ever to make informed decisions on where to focus next. Teachers can differentiate instruction using revision sessions by selecting the topics, question types and session length.  

Whether you want to achieve stronger assessment outcomes, boost student confidence, or simply reduce planning time, revision sessions on Atomi allows you to easily create meaningful, targeted student revisions.

Create a revision session for your class today.

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