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A practical guide to transforming your classroom with HITS

By Sarah-Eleni Zaferis on 1 May 2023HITSStrategyPedagogyNSWstaffroomUKstaffroom

We’re excited to share our latest resource with you: Teaching with impact: A practical guide to transforming your classroom with HITS.

As a teacher, you’re no doubt continually striving to increase the impact you have in the classroom.

Amongst the many strategies used by teachers, there are ten that have been identified as particularly effective for improving student learning outcomes.

These high impact teaching strategies, or HITS, are evidence-based instructional practices that are known to consistently improve the student experience. Using them in the classroom also provides teachers with greater opportunities to observe, reflect on, and improve their practices.

We know how busy high school teachers are, juggling many competing priorities throughout the school day. So we’ve taken these ten high impact teaching strategies, condensed them into short chapters and paired them with practical tips, tricks and templates to embed into your daily teaching instruction.

Throughout the guidebook, you’ll discover how to:

  • Create well-structured lessons
  • Implement differentiated teaching
  • Use metacognitive strategies in your lessons
  • Improve student engagement with multiple exposures
  • Make feedback fast and effective
  • And more!

Whether you’re just starting out in the classroom, or are an experienced teacher or school leader, HITS can be applied to complement the strategies you’re already using to support the diverse learning needs of your students.

When incorporated into the classroom, these HITS can help you improve student engagement, understand how they’re performing, and ultimately improve learning outcomes.

Ready to transform your classroom?

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Sarah-Eleni Zaferis (Bachelor of Education and Science) writes on all things pedagogy, teaching strategies, student and teacher wellbeing. As a high-school educator herself, she is passionate about exploring the ways that educators can put time back in their day while boosting student engagement, motivation, and academic achievement.

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