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10 Ways to extend your classroom with Atomi

By Sam Di Sano on 19 February 2019NSWstaffroomEdTechPedagogy

One of the best features of Atomi is its adaptability. Students can use it as a traditional source for revision where they can literally watch videos over and over again to reinforce key knowledge for understanding. With Atomi we provide a content library where students and parents have on-demand access to stop, pause and rewind on their device. Students can move at their own pace, skipping ahead of the class or they can go back and revise topics they did not quite get.

As a teacher, not only can you make your classroom more engaging and student focussed, but your students can determine their own approach to content and you can focus more on their questions, application and skill development in class. You can personalise the experience too, allocating different videos for different levels of understanding. With Atomi’s new challenge and quiz features, you can also view the progress of your class, as well as their level of understanding through the data that Atomi can provide as they are watching videos and learning content.  

Atomi also gives school leaders really valuable data on the school’s strengths and where the significant challenges may be, providing a snapshot into future curriculum planning.


So, why would you not take on Atomi? Not only are the actual videos absolutely aligned to the syllabus documentation, but they are also engaging, youthful, energetic and visually appealing.  A picture tells a thousand words they say. Try turning the volume down and watching one of our videos without sound. I bet you’ll be able to follow along just as well because of the care that our design team has taken in the visuals.

Interested in knowing more about how your classroom and students can benefit from using Atomi - get in touch with us now.

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