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What to do in the school holidays: Term 1

By Larissa Grinsell on 11 April 2022Study tipsGeneralNSWblog#StudySkills

Term 1 has come and gone and now you’re on holidays 😎. Sure, it’s tempting to spend the next two weeks catching up on all the Netflix you’ve been missing out on, but you know deep down that you should probably be doing something productive, right?

Some students will spend the first week of holidays doing absolutely nothing, then find themselves spending every day of the second week in the library. Others will do nothing at all, then panic the night before school goes back (do not recommend). If you’re not quite sure how to approach it, we’re here to help…

1. Get your homework over and done with

Alright, we all know your teachers would have assigned a long list of tasks for you to complete over the holidays. You don’t want to have that constant feeling of guilt in the back of your mind when you’re actually trying to enjoy your break, so it’s time to get them done.

Give yourself a set time for each day of the week to steadily work through your homework. That could be half an hour in the morning, or forty-five minutes before dinner—whatever works for you. By doing this, you’ll get through your homework by the end of the holidays and have time for some guilt-free fun 🤸‍♀️.

You can watch our Study Skills lesson ‘Planning a Week’ for a step-by-step guide on how to make a great weekly schedule, plus download our ‘Weekly Planner’ template!

2. Figure out what you need to study

By now, you would have completed a few assessments for each subject, so it’s time to reflect. Go back through your assessments and highlight the sections where you lost marks. These are the areas you should be focusing on.

Keep an eye out for any important content you went through in class that hasn’t been assessed yet. This content will probably be front and centre in your next assessment!

Once classes start up again, you’ll be too busy learning new content to worry about the stuff you did last term. So, get your study notes up-to-date, get your practice responses down pat and get your essays as good as you can. With no pressure and no assessments in sight, now is the best time to get it done 💪.

3. Make it social

Having a productive holiday break doesn’t have to mean sitting alone at your desk! Getting out of your environment with friends can be a great way to feel like you’re making the most of your holidays while getting some study in. Set up a study group and make a plan to meet at someone’s house or your local library. After a few hours of productive work, you can grab a bite to eat, watch a movie together or just hang out 🙌.

4. Get organised

When you get back into the classroom, your workload is going to ramp up—fast. It’s a good idea to get familiar with the content you’ll be covering next term before school starts again.

Checking out the first few Atomi lessons for next term’s topics can help you get your head around what’s coming up. You don’t need to do a whole lot of extra work, but at least understanding the next few topics makes you more confident and will reduce stress levels (and put you ahead of your classmates 😉).


5. Have some downtime

Finally, don’t forget to relax. You’ve put in some hard work this term and you deserve to take a break, so enjoy!

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