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Study timetables 2017

By Danielle Barakat on 13 September 2017Study tipsHSCHSIEMathsPDHPEHistoryScienceCreative ArtsNSWblog

You wanted them, you got them. Welcome to the the 2017 subject specific HSC study timetables that will save your life. 🎉🎉🎉

While we can’t make a timetable for every HSC subject (there are literally over a hundred), we’ve picked the biggest, most highly requested subjects and made a study timetable for those whole courses. All you have to do is pick out your subjects, combine those timetables together and boom. Your dream study timetable 🔥 .

All you’ve got to do is work your way through the timetable to cover every dot point in time (each colour coded so you know where it fits on the syllabus) and if you click on one, you’ll be taken straight to one of our short videos that covers the whole point. Win!

If your school is studying a different topic/option to the example on the timetable, don’t freak out. Just swap out our example for the text you’ve been studying all year. Nailed it.


General Maths Timetable

Maths Advanced Timetable

Maths Ext 1 Timetable


Biology Timetable

Chemistry Timetable

Physics Timetable


Economics Timetable

Business Studies Timetable

Legal Studies Timetable

Studies of Religion Timetable


PDHPE Timetable

CAFS Timetable

Creative Arts

Visual Arts Timetable

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