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New syllabus guide: What's changed in Maths?

By Sam Di Sano on 8 February 2019NSWstaffroomSyllabusMathsNew syllabus

In a nutshell

In Standard Maths, there will be a new focus on online data and its application in a new topic area called Networks.

Advanced Mathematics

  • New topic: Financial Mathematics;
  • Statistical analysis is now introduced at an advanced level as well as Extension 1.

Extension 1

  • Engineering and STEM-related concepts will be taught via a new topic of vectors;
  • New topic: Combinatorics.

Extension 2

  • New topics: more complex and advanced studies in vectors and proof;
  • Circular motion has been replaced by enhanced calculus content;
  • More complex numbers including Euler's formula.

Mathematics Standard 1 & 2

  • Mathematics General will morph into two different courses: Mathematics Standard One and Mathematics Standard Two;
  • Standard One was previously a non-ATAR course but is now board endorsed;
  • There will be more of a focus on practical skills throughout the two Standard Mathematics courses - measurement, finances and how to use digital tools will be taught;
  • The course will build on algebra, geometry and statistics learnt in Stage 5;
  • There are now six different skills which are explicitly taught in these courses: Understanding, Fluency, Communicating, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Justification.

Numeracy CEC

  • A new content endorsed course from 2019 aimed at students with specific challenges in numeracy;
  • The course can be taken with Standard but not with Advanced;
  • Being a CEC, it is a non-examinable and non-ATAR course.

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