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Individualise learning and increase engagement

By Sam Di Sano on 10 March 2019Partner School StoriesNSWstaffroom

An Atomi partner school story: Trangie Central School.

The challenge

The staff at Trangie Central School are constantly seeking new ways to individualise learning and increase engagement for their students. Teachers are constantly looking for ways to make active lessons that are effective in maximising the experience of the whole class.

The school turned to Atomi to assist in their implementation of a more student-centred methodology within their Senior classrooms, allowing them to seek more ownership and accountability from their students for their own learning.

“Atomi’s videos have given our students the confidence to be more independent with their learning.”
Anne Holden, Principal


Faculties use the Atomi videos in class to deepen their students' understanding and awareness of the syllabus content. The teachers have sought innovative methods of content delivery in order to stimulate and improve student knowledge, understanding and skills.

“The addition of assessments and quizzes now provides our teachers with an opportunity to measure their students' level of understanding and comprehension.”
Anne Holden, Principal

Coupled with professional development that worked to establish active learning strategies for the classroom, a better understanding of student well-being and engagement, as well as the support of the Atomi team, the staff have sought to maximise student learning both in and out of the classroom.

“The use of the Atomi videos in class has dove-tailed well with our learning and responding matrix, which has given our students the confidence to go beyond superficial description and begin to critically analyse and explain difficult concepts.”  
Dimiti Trudgett, Deputy Principal


The students find the Atomi videos an effective way to learn and deepen their understanding of difficult concepts. Mastery has improved where students have watched Atomi lessons repeatedly, and used the summaries and examples included within the videos to gain a clearer understanding.

Teachers have also reported a better understanding of key concepts when classroom learning has included the use of Atomi videos.

“They enjoy watching the videos as part of their learning and revision.”
Anne Holden, Principal

  • School type: Government (K-12)
  • Established: 1884
  • Students: 29
  • Teaching staff: 17

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