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How to make a personalised study timetable

By Sarah Separovich on 10 September 2021Exam adviceNSWblog#StudySkillsStudy tips

Atomi’s 2021 Study Plans and Timetables are here and ready to get you organised for your final exams! While they’re pretty great on their own, merging them together is even better. Creating a personalised study timetable that brings together all of your subjects allows you to see what you’re doing each day between now and exams, so you feel prepared while also ensuring you have time to relax.

Now if we could, we’d have done it for you! But seeing as every student takes different subjects, you’ll need to personalise your study timetable yourself.

So, how do you do that?

1. Make a study plan

We’ve made study plans for each of our 2021 timetables, but in case you have a subject we haven’t covered, or just want to do it yourself, you can make your own!

Our Making a Study Plan video outlines exactly how to do this. It’s only a 6 minute long watch and covers why we make our study plans the way we do, and how you can create your own too.

Link to Atomi's 'Making a Study Plan' video on YouTube

2. Get your timetables

Again, we’ve created a lot of ready-made timetables, which you’re free to use! But if you have a subject we haven’t covered, creating your own is easy 👍

With our study plans at the ready, you just need to take those study sessions and add them out on your calendar. It’s often easier to start by adding the date of the exam in, and then working backwards from there, so you can plan your fortnightly blocks according to that all-important date.

3. And merge them

Now we’re ready to bring it all together. Download our interactive blank calendar template (attached below) and add in the study sessions for each of your subjects.

You can personalise your timetable as you see fit so if you like to have a few days off where you don’t complete any study at all, or if you want to spread it out across the entire week, go for it. You can also personalise it to accommodate for your extracurricular activities, like sports training or music lessons, or if you have an important date coming up, like a birthday 🥳

What’s important to remember is that you don’t want to be doing more than about 4 study sessions per day. Remember from the video, spacing our study sessions out leads to better memory retention, plus (more importantly) you need to take care of yourself and not burn out before exams actually start.


If you’re using Atomi’s ready-made timetables, some of your study sessions might overlap. Be sure to move them around so you aren’t doing too much study in any one day 👍


To give you an example of what your study timetable might look like at the end, here's one we’ve put together. This has been created for a hypothetical HSC student studying English Standard, Biology, Maths Standard, Economics, Business Studies and Studies of Religion II.

As you can see, we’ve moved some sessions to make sure there’s no more than 4 study sessions per day, and we’ve specified when some past papers should be completed so any subjects with upcoming exams are prioritised.


The aim of creating a study timetable is so you can go into your exams confident that you have all of the content covered, so it’s important to make sure that they work for you! Download the interactive PDFs below and personalise your study plans and timetables as you see fit.

Good luck, and remember we're always here to help! Just click the blue button in the bottom right corner of this page to shoot us a message 🤠

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