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How to get your dream ATAR… using Atomi

By Lauren Condon on 3 July 2017Study tipsHSCNSWblogATAR

Are you looking for some of the best HSC study tips? Well, with holidays in full swing and more and more students coming on board with Atomi, we thought it was the perfect time to break down exactly how to use the videos to get your best results in the HSC.

And yes, the answer to getting the most out of our videos is definitely more than just “watch them”. Whether you want to push for a near-perfect ATAR, or you just want to get through this year, we’ve got videos for days and so many ways to make your HSC a lot easier.

1. Understanding ideas

First things first, the secret to doing your best in the HSC is to have a really good understanding of your different subjects and topics so you don’t just have to rote-learn a bunch of ideas that don’t make sense to you. If something ‘clicks’ in your brain, you really don’t need to study it as much and you don’t have that pressure of maybe forgetting key ideas in your exam.


The whole purpose of the Atomi videos is to break down each syllabus dot point and make each idea really clear and easy to understand. We use a lot of examples, analogies and visual tricks so there is always somewhere you can go to get a super clear explanation of an idea that you’re struggling with. Whether it’s before a class, after a class or for revision, simply watching the video is a great way to really lock in your understanding 🙏 🙏 🙏 .

Want to see that in action? Check out a Geography video that explains why the challenges that megacities face are really unique and not just the problems of a normal city.

2. Getting the facts

So now we’re getting into the part of using Atomi that involves a little bit more work than just chilling in your chair and watching a video (sorry). When you’re watching a video, you’re going to come across a lot of really key information whether it’s a table, graph, dot-point summary or example that is super useful. These are usually a great way of capturing a lot of information in just one screen so hey, why not just pause the video, screenshot that information and copy it straight into your notes!

It’s such an efficient way of improving your study and note-taking by getting more content into your clear and useful notes. For example, you could take a screenshot of the summary of themes in the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime to put at the beginning of your Standard English notes so you can always see the big themes, how they relate to each other and how to connect them to your essay thesis.

(Check out the whole video here if you're interested!)

3. Revision or catching up on missed work

Now, the Atomi videos aren’t going to cover 100% of everything you need to know for your HSC (that’s what your classes and teachers are for!). But, they are going to give you a really solid knowledge and understanding of the fundamental ideas and topics in like 6 - 9 minutes.

This means they’re the perfect tool for revision or for catching up on work you’ve missed. 🎉🎉

If you’ve missed a syllabus dot-point in class because you were away and you’ve been given some homework or an assessment based on that dot point, watching a short video will really bring you up to speed and give you the basics you need.

If you’ve got exams coming up (cough trials), then the videos can be a really great part of your study strategy. See, you can use the videos to:

  • Re-introduce yourself to a topic you learned all the way back in Term 4 last year
  • Make notes because the videos are structured on the syllabus dot points (and more interesting than a textbook!)
  • Improve your understanding of a tricky idea that you struggled with in class
  • Double check you are on the right path with your study

The videos are super flexible so whatever school system or study technique you have, you can make them work for you 24/7!

4. Exam technique

As well as study, the videos can actually be used to help you practice for your exams. See, most of the videos will begin by covering the basics but will then show you exactly how to use your knowledge and understanding to answer an HSC question. Yep, we’re all about the application.

It’s not good enough to just know your content, you also need to be able to show your marker that you know your stuff and deserve a big, fat band 6. Before you sit an exam or tackle a practice paper, look at the application side of a video (some topics even have whole videos dedicated to application!) so you have a clear idea of what the examiner really wants to see and how to approach your answer. This is the best way to get the most marks out of every question and also get the most of all that study you’ve put in💪 .

5. Getting ahead

So, this is a really big one for holidays (which you happen to be in right now… convenient). One of the best things about Atomi is that you set yourself up to absolutely smash next term, just by watching a few short videos.

See, when you’re using the videos to revise or learn concepts, you need to watch videos as just one part of your bigger study strategy. But, if you are a bit concerned about next term and you have extra time because it’s the holidays, you can just simply sit through a few videos from the topics you will be learning. You’ll be ahead (win) and you’ll know exactly what questions to ask when in class to really lock in the ideas and tackle the harder concepts.


Whether you’re a member or just interested, jump onto Atomi, have a look at the videos and work out all the best ways that you can use them to improve your study and make your HSC a bit easier. Everyone is different and there are so many ways you can use the videos so it’s all about finding out what works for you. TBH, we spend ages lovingly putting these videos together for you guys and we just want you to be able to get the most out them and have a great HSC year! 😘

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