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Atomi and Macarthur Anglican School

By Sam Di Sano on 14 March 2019Partner School Stories

Established traditions, proven success. An Atomi partner school story: Macarthur Anglican School.

The challenge

"While we seek to maintain our valuable traditions, we are also committed to an education that is forward-thinking and maintains a passion for teaching and learning, constantly striving to develop a culture of innovation in the classroom."
Kylie Elling, Dean of Studies

The staff at Macarthur Anglican School are constantly seeking teaching and learning strategies that support each student’s development of knowledge and understanding, in order to achieve their academic potential. As a result, they began their partnership with Atomi in mid-2018 in order to promote a more effective and efficient emphasis on technology integration in the classroom. After impressive usage from students and teachers during a trial, Macarthur cemented their partnership with Atomi.


With a teaching staff committed to innovation and digital integration, the Atomi videos were a welcome addition to the tools that teachers were already using in the classroom.

"Students are able to identify areas for growth, and develop in their own learning journey linked to strong academic goals."
Dr David Nockles, Headmaster

The Atomi videos are now being used in classes across a number of faculty areas by teachers seeking to deepen the learning experience of their students.

"The platform provides opportunities for students to think critically about their learning."
Kylie Elling, Dean of Studies


Students have found the videos interactive and easy to follow, adding to their sense of engagement in their learning.

Usage data from the Atomi videos has given the teachers at Macarthur Anglican School the confidence to consider both alternative methods of content delivery, as well as a differentiated classroom structure.

  • School type: Anglican Independent
  • Established: 1984
  • Students: 900
  • Teaching staff: 80

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