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What to look forward to after the HSC

By Lauren Condon on 5 September 2017HSCMotivationNSWblog

Three more weeks left of school and it’s hard to keep motivation high 🤷‍. Well, we’re always here to help so let’s keep your spirits high by reminding you of all the fab things to look forward to after the HSC. Here we go...

1. Actually burning your notes

No need to fake it like after Trials. You’ve earned the right to burn those notes and burn them hard.*


*Don’t actually hurt yourself or anything else. Maybe do it over a sink of water or something?

2. Getting your HSC results back

Just check them quickly and get it over with… You can work out how to react and deal with all your mixed emotions after that.


3. Being on holidays and seeing everyone else at school

It’s almost impossible to describe how truly amazing it feels to be hanging out during the middle of the day and knowing that there are thousands of kids still at school. It sounds petty, but you’ve earned the right to be petty (just for a little bit).


4. Hold up, you actually have time for a job now

Dollas. Dollas. Dollas.

Having the time and sanity to really throw yourself into a part-time job is awesome. Get keen.


5. Now you can pull a movie all-nighter instead of a study all-nighter

These are the kinds of 180º changes that we like to see once you finally finish your last exam.


6. Acting like you’re so much more mature than high-school kids

Umm… who cares that you’re only a few months older than them? You aren’t in high school anymore so you can officially act like you’re at least 10 years older, more mature and more deserving than them.


7. Being able to relax and not feel like you should be studying

Even when you relax during year 12, it’s hard to shake the feeling you should be doing something else… like studying. Get ready to say sayonara to that guilt and truly chill out, responsibility free.


You've got this

You’re going to get through this whole HSC nonsense and then life will get a wholllllllllllle lot better 🎊 🎊 🎊 . With only 41 days to go, just stay obsessed with post HSC life to keep your spirits and motivation way up. Study smart now and you’ll be able to play hard in a couple of months.

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