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How to stay productive in your revision time

By Charlie Hale on 11 April 2018UKblogStudy tipsMotivation

We’re all for making your revision time as smooth-sailing as possible, especially in this oh-so-stressful lead up to exams. So any app that promises to boost your productivity or aid your revision time is almost definitely worth testing. Problem is, the amount of options out there is overwhelming. So in light of making your life easier, Atomi have created syllabus specific videos for your A Levels. But on top of that, we’ve also put together a list of the top apps (other than Atomi 😉) to help you revise – almost as indispensable as our Atomi videos, we reckon.

Self-control aids

If you’re a chronic scroller or surfer, or you just can’t resist a Facebook notification, then you need an app that’s going to put the blinkers on and keep you steely focussed.

If you want something for your laptop, try Self Control. The app blocks internet access to any sites you input into its blacklist for a set period of time. Once the timer gets going, not even deleting the app will reverse the block – which is probably the kind of firm hand you need.

For your phone, try the Freedom app, which works in a similar way to Self Control. It allows you to block your internet access or particular apps for a set period of time, allowing you the ‘freedom’ from all-consuming distractions such as social media platforms (not pointing any fingers, Instagram). Great for when you need to buckle down and stay focused.

Alternatively, Forest offers a creative way to keep you from mindlessly scrolling. The app works as a game in which you plant a seed that will grow into a tree, but only if you keep the app open, and don't open any other apps like Facebook or Messages. When you plant a lot of trees, they turn into a forest, and you can compare yours to other friends’ who use the app. Basically a fantastic way to humblebrag about how much revision you’ve completed.

Sound to help you focus

If you’re easily distracted and find it hard to focus, Noisli may well be your secret trick to zoning in. The app offers a range of high quality ambient noise known to boost productivity and relaxation (in case you’re one mock exam away from a mental breakdown). They range from fires to streams to trains and there is a manipulation function, which allows you to layer your chosen sounds and alter the volume of each, according to your mood. So you can listen to, say, a roaring campfire with a hint of falling leaves – pretty nifty hey?

If even falling leaves can’t focus your monkey brain, try listening to white noise, which is said to boost productivity. There are plenty of options on YouTube or Spotify, or you could try the White Noise Lite app.

Time management

If you want to make yourself a study timetable but have no idea where to start, Easy Study creates one for you. You just input all your subjects, how long you want to spend on each, and the hours of revision you will be doing each day and the app will magic a personalised revision plan into existence. It also sends you push notifications reminding you it’s time to work. Great if you want to keep track of how many hours you have revised for each subject.

Exam Countdown is another good option, and does exactly what it says on the tin – tracking all your exam dates so you can see how many days you have left until each one and revise accordingly.

We recommend trying a combination of the apps above and seeing what works for you and of course, you can start by getting your head around revision by jumping onto our videos and going through all the content first - happy learning!

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