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Ext 1 Maths study timetable 2016

By Danielle Barakat on 10 October 2016Exam adviceStudy tipsHSCMathsNSWblog

Ext 1 Maths is quite a chunky subject in terms of content, so we've put together today's timetable with the topics we think are the most important to recap before your exam.

The trick with maths is practice, so as well as following this timetable our motto for preparing for the maths exam is: a paper a day!

That means, from now until the exam we recommend doing at least 1 timed past paper a day so that you can really focus on nailing those HSC style questions in the time limit.

Today's timetable: Ext 1 Maths

Just to remind you, we've pretty much broken the syllabus down topic by topic and syllabus dot point by dot point (hence the colour coding 😊 ) and have allocated a day that we think you should study that specific dot point.

I've also hyperlinked the HSC Hub video that matches up with that dot point to make it really easy to smash through everything in no more than 30 mins per night (too easy). All you've got to do is click the image below.


This timetable has been carefully thought out so you can balance your studying with some free time and fit your other subjects in there too so we really recommend sticking to it but remember not every topic is on here so be sure to double check your own syllabus to make sure you've covered everything.

Also be sure you are on top of your 2U Maths stuff! Check out that study timetable here.

Anyway, enough from me. Happy studying!

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