Engaging content, intelligent testing and powerful analytics.

Atomi gives teachers more time to do what matters most

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The ultimate resource for students and teachers

  • Curriculum specific content

    Thousands of ready-made, syllabus specific videos, text lessons and quizzes to power learning beyond the classroom.

  • Intelligent testing

    Interactive quizzes that adapt in real-time, promote mastery learning and power intelligent revision recommendations.

  • Powerful analytics

    Get clear insights into student usage, who needs assistance and how your class is performing.

It has given us our time back so we can spend it on things that really matter.



Content built specifically for you

  • Engaging lessons

    Our lessons are built to be simple, fun and easy to watch. With clear graphics and dynamic presenters, we work hard to deliver amazing experiences.

  • Application focus

    We focus on the practical and not just theoretical knowledge. Almost 50% of course time is dedicated to exploring how content is applied in assessments, what makes a great answer and how to turn knowledge into marks.

  • Expert advice

    Our lessons include heaps of tips and tricks from our team of expert teachers to make sure student responses are in line with examiner’s expectations.

We use it every day across our senior years and I honestly wouldn’t teach any other way.


HSIE Leader

Spend more time on the things that matter

Time previously spent on covering the basics can be reinvested into developing higher order skills, encouraging analytical thought, preparing for assessments and delivering more individualised attention.

Every student learns differently

Atomi helps increase flexibility by enabling both class-paced and self-paced learning. Students that missed a lesson, have fallen behind or just aren’t confident enough to raise their hand now have a real opportunity to get back on track and achieve their full potential.

98% of schools using our platform experienced increased student results

Increased individual attention

Offering personalised feedback and early intervention can dramatically impact student motivation and results. With the additional classroom time Atomi creates, teachers have more opportunities to deliver the kind of targeted attention their students need to succeed.

6,000 Additional teaching hours added through our video lessons

Flipped classroom ready

Thinking of switching to a fully flipped classroom? With thousands of syllabus specific lessons for all the major subjects - we’ve got all the ready made resources you need to make it possible.

1,000,000+ Video lessons delivered through our platform
Learn more about making the switch to flipped learning

Technology that lets you do more anytime, anywhere

Atomi is available 24/7 on any internet enabled device at home, in class and even on the bus. Learning can now continue long after the bell has rung.

Simple class management

Get set up and start creating classes in only a few minutes. No software to install, nothing to download, no IT support required. We’re big fans of keeping it simple! Add your students and they'll be all set to start learning right away.

Powerful analytics

With our student insights, you can keep up to date with what, where and when your students are learning. See who’s completed their work, who might need some extra help and who are getting ahead! It’s never been easier to get a clear picture of your class’ performance.

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A true partner for your school

Dedicated account manager

As part of your school package, you’ll receive a dedicated account manager to lend a helping hand wherever you need it.

Setup assistance and ongoing support

We’ll help you with all the administrative stuff so you can focus on what matters most - your students! From day one to our regular check-ins, we’re here to make sure everything’s going A-ok.

Access to flipped learning specialists

Our school specialists are the bee’s knees in flipped learning. If you’re interested in booking a training session or even seeing a flipped classroom in action our team can help you become a flipped learning pro in no time. It will even count towards your PD!

Simple packages for schools

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All subjects

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Min 10 students on a 12 month contract.

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  • Create and manage classes

  • Always available with 24/7 access

  • Assign lessons to your students

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Student performance analytics

  • Phone and email support

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